NEW VIDEO EXCLUSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUJU BANTON – “Optimistic Soul”

“Optimistic Soul,” the brand new single from Buju Banton‘s Grammy-nominated album, Rasta Got Soul (Gargamel Music), officially drops digitally on Tuesday, March 23rd. Shot and directed guerilla style by esteemed Atlanta-based photographer, Zach Wolfe, the music video documents the last five days of Banton’s historic Rasta Got Soul US Tour.


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8 responses to “NEW VIDEO EXCLUSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUJU BANTON – “Optimistic Soul”

  1. This video is an instant classic, it perfectly expresses the theme ‘optimistic soul’. I’m loving it so much, wish Buju is still with us to give us more musical magic like this.
    You’l surely come out of this mess Buju. Yes you will!

  2. wingy

    rasta realy got soul, your break through is coming buju.

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  6. selectorenuff

    I wanna say that buju is the best…let the babylon free our man from jail cuz his just expressing buju mi seh

  7. livelife85

    Buju, love the video and song brother. Have enjoyed your music and messages throughout the years, Thank You. Much love Stay up!

  8. Passionette1

    I love that new Video Optimistic Soul!! Buju keep strong my brother, Jah is in Control!!!

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