Shocking Details About Government Snitch In Banton Case Revealed!

Banton Battles Back

Thursday, March 4th proved to be a revelatory day for Team Banton, who appeared in US District Court in Tampa, Florida for two hearings. The first proceeding at 8:30am was handled by the judge who will actually be overseeing the trial, Judge James Moody. After conferring with the attorneys, Moody locked in the trial start date for Monday, April 19th.

The second proceeding, held before Magistrate Thomas Wilson at 10:30am,  focused on the series of motions filed last month by Banton’s criminal defense attorney, David Oscar Markus, requesting additional information about the government snitch who set up Buju Banton. According to Markus, the government has been slow to turn over documents, transcripts and other key information related to the case.

Here’s a few of the shocking details that were revealed about the still unnamed government snitch who set up the Reggae icon:

He transported over 2,000 kilos of cocaine and 3-4,000 kilos of marijuana between 1984 and 1993!

He was convicted in South Florida in 1993 of distributing cocaine in a case that brought a minimum mandatory sentence of 10 years!

He has been paid 3.3 million dollars for helping law enforcement (DEA, Customs, FBI, Sarasota PDs) in numerous cases over several years!

He is a legal permanent resident of the United States from Colombia and was granted that immigration status only after law enforcement requested it!

He is paid on a contingency basis and looks to collect approximately $35,000 from the Banton case!

His credibility was called into question by one judge who doubted the truthfulness of his testimony in a case!

He is currently involved in a tax dispute with the IRS!

He has worked consistently with Assistant US Attorney James Preston, the prosecutor handling Banton’s case, for the last 10 years!

Markus argued in court that he needs more information to adequately cross-examine the government’s star witness, including specifics on the snitch’s criminal history, details of his tax case, transcripts from other cases he has testified in and a list of the amounts of money he has earned in each case. Assistant US Attorney Preston countered that his office already turned over any favorable information that might help the defense, as required by the court.

Nevertheless, Magistrate Wilson ordered the prosecution to provide the defense with a list of all the cases (w/ case numbers) the informant has testified in and any communications by criminal law officer or prosecutor asking for beneficial treatment in the informant’s tax case and immigration file. The prosecution has 14 days to turn over everything to Team Banton.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Mannion


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15 responses to “Shocking Details About Government Snitch In Banton Case Revealed!


  2. Sean

    I personally don’t mess with the devil’s dandruff but I got libertarian values for adults in many respects. His body his temple. It would be more beautiful music locked behind bars. I enjoy many of Buju’s songs. We shall see in “the land of the free.”

    With love,


  3. Colly Sam

    I will continue to pray for Buju’s release. This time away will only make his voice stronger.

  4. BigZacK

    Bun Down Babylon!!
    Free Up Buju Banton!!

  5. FS

    Rasta Ever Living, Ever Faithful, Ever Sure, Ever Blessed. We all know many have even done worse than Buju, but his public status prompted you America to come hard on him.

  6. wingy

    only rasta can libarate the people over hills and vally too, Buju dont let dem fool u don`t believe for a min. that they are with u.It hard, it hard, it hard mek den know u wah cum home a u yard.Buju i went to a party & mi a tell you a nothing but Buju song the crowd bawl “free up Buju”. Buju we love.

  7. onelove smith

    da system is not a just system..dem’s not a easy road..but buju is strong…the system will fall..and buju will stand.

  8. gladys

    Buju I have loved u from the first time I heard ur music and still do love u… I pray that God will see u thru this and bring u out of this situation… God has u in the palm of his hands… “its not an easy road” stay strong and continue to trust God… Love and Peace!!!

  9. K.L.

    You are my first reggae musician.
    I will support you til the Shiloh come.
    We were given the strength.
    Now we should give the strength to Mr.Gargamel.
    Buju will be back! It’s destiny.

    From Japan

  10. Ras Miklos

    The system will burn, babylon will fall, Rasta will rise an claim there thrown!!! Jah Bless!!!

    • JUDAH

      in the bible where rastafari protect the sacred laws and commandments remember when paulwas preaching and he was locked up and god shook an earthquake and broke the gates free/ anything right now is possible when it comes to the laws of nature and rastafari we are one… all supporters be strong read your bible we are now entering the book of acts …easter has just passed now the holy spirit is about to make an apperance christ did rose on the third will buju he mission is not over..shalom/salaam

  11. TRUTH...


  12. I know inner the bless of Jah that king buju banton is innocent. jah fire burn out this unjust system.THEY ALWAYS AH TRY SET UP RASTA. FROM ONE THING TO THE NEXT. THIS MAKE ME FACE SCREW. THEM MUST KNOW RASTA DO NOT DEAL WITH FBI OR DEA. RASTA DO NOT DEAL WITH COCAINE.

  13. Lucky

    I just served a six year sentece in the deapartment of corrections here in florida. I was set up in bradenton which is right next to sarasota trafficking heroin and possession of a machine gun and 5 other drug charges as well. I was busted by Tampa ATF and manatee county sheriff office july 2 2003.. I was 22 years of age… I had $155,625.00 in a safety deposit box that wasnt even in my name and they drilled the box and took the money before executing a search warrant at the residence where i was located and busting me with the contraband and firearms. I was on my way to the morgan street federal jail in tampa when they made a u turn and took me to manatee county jail in palmetto. The feds never picked up the case which i found very odd. I was set up by a confidential informant all the way from boston ma. My whole case was based on his intell. I wasnt allowed to do depositions of CI 306. The feds labeled him unreliabe and problamatic as a informant. Had a case pending for some sort of high swindle investment fraud, all while in capasity as an informant. He went to prison for racketeering before he became a snitch. He also had been caught tampering with tape recording. Splicing them up to make the defendent say incriminating things. Not to mention all the lies my lawyer caught with the atf agents and sheriffs on how they executed the search warrant. My lawyer told me the motion to surpress is in the bag. He was a prosecuter then went to defense as a private attorney. Well they denied it with really no explanation and I pleaded out to a fresh 48 months with no credit for time served. Mind you I had already been in the county for 2 years. So I did 6 on 4 years. I just pray that babylon dont deal with buju like how they dealt with me. Because law is the law and they broke the law to convict me of those charges… Bless Up Lion Heart!!!!

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