Buju Banton Gives Thanks For All The Birthday Wishes

Jamaican music icon Buju Banton gives thanks to everyone who sent cards wishing him a happy birthday. The GRAMMY-winning Reggae artist turned 39 years old on Sunday, July 15th. In addition to the hundreds of cards and letters he received from friends, family and fans, selectors paid tribute by playing blocks of Buju’s music on radio stations across the globe.

“To all who remembered me on this day, those who took the time to send me a card and those who played my music, especially all the radio DJs and personalities who keep the fire burning,” says Buju, “I thank you for sending strength through these times… Jah live.”

Buju also sends a special shout out to all the folks who participated in the Free Buju Birthday Sweepstakes and Trivia Contest held last week by the good folks at Zion Rootswear. The winners will receive an official Buju Banton gift pack featuring an official Free Buju T-Shirt and button, a Buju Banton album, 8×10 photo, poster and stickers, all courtesy of Zion and Gargamel Music.

Official Buju Banton merchandise is available at ZionRootswear.com. For those of you outside the United States, international orders are now being processed directly through customer service: cs@zionrootswear.com.


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11 responses to “Buju Banton Gives Thanks For All The Birthday Wishes

  1. ❤ love to you Buju always xx Peace fm 90.1 DJ's and i Sista K always keep you in our prayers xx hold tight WE LOVE YOU xx Free Buju xx love Sista K

  2. Much respect and prayers to Buju

  3. Lynnette green

    Happy belated Earth Strong. Rise and Never Fall. Your day will come.

  4. Empress Spirit

    Ras Tafari!

    Give thanks for the LOVE and support from your Jamaica Family, Fans and of course your Legal team. Concerned about some of the recent Gleaner Newspaper reports about your Appeal. PLEASE ensure that you do what is best, because your people know your a Good Man, the most important thing is you get your liberty! This is tough for me though I have to put all my love in to our Father in Zion, who knows everything, so keep and read Ras Tafari, Righteous words to give you peace and strength in the midst of your separation from home.

    Judge Moody is a indeed a man of justice, give Izies that he and his Family continue to support your case.
    Blessed Love.

  5. Keisha Montaque

    Happy belated birthday Gargamel, may the good Lord guide and protect you while we wait on him to answer our prayers.

  6. nuff respect to the gargamel on his earth strong yesterday… just b strong and jah will guide u …long to hear summen from u buju… life goes on mi brother…nuff luv

  7. Anne Clifford

    All the best of wishes from the UK. Stay strong my brother 1.Love x

  8. diane ray

    rasta live! belated earth- strong greetings my brother..


  10. Nembhard rowe

    Happy earth my brother, may the good lord continue to guide and protect you until the i is free.One Love.

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