Banton Back To Pinellas County Facility Awaiting Re-Sentencing


BB Bounced Back To PCJ

Reggae icon Buju Banton has been moved from FCI Miami and is now back at Pinellas County Jail in Clearwater, FL, where he awaits a re-sentencing hearing with trial Judge James Moody, Jron Tuesday, October 30th.

Fans and friends can write to him at the new address below:

Mark Anthony Myrie – Docket # 1519831


Pinellas County Jail

14400 49th Street North

Clearwater, Florida 33762-2877


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15 responses to “Banton Back To Pinellas County Facility Awaiting Re-Sentencing

  1. Fran

    This message comes from my heart to say how I truly feel 4..Buju Banton….
    Every day and every hour that passes brings you closer to my inner soul and closer to my warm heart which remains full of Love forever. I am always looking at your photographs. What a wonderful smile you have! One thing I am grateful for that can not be taken away is your gifted voice. The power in your voice comes out in your music – the words tell the story we love and enjoy. .More and more sales,hits after hits tells you your every ones number one Reggae Singer. Your loved over the world so just stay positive, strong and before you know it Freedom will be hear. One Love

  2. janet

    one love Buju all is well!!!!

  3. Denise

    I sent a letter to Buju in Texas but it was sent back & stated he’s not there. Can anyone plz tell me where he is located? Thank you!

  4. Be strong Idren and never forget JAH during dis trying moments – KEEP YO HEAD UP coz rasta is taking over and Babylon a go run for cover. Just praying for you, Buju.

  5. Wire Waist

    Big up yourself King: Stay strong…Evil never prevail and I know you are one of the chosen…. Respect for all your Kindness

  6. On behalf of the UK Manchester and our community radio station peace fm 90.1 we continue to keep you BUJU BANTON in our prayers xx keep the faith your stronger than them xx Love always

  7. Buju stay strong we hold you in our prayers each night and day xx The Almighty will hold you tight. I pray today that this will see some end. Entrapment — they sure did. Your place is beside your family and us, your friends. On behalf of the UK, Manchester and our community radio station Peace FM 90.1, we continue to keep you BUJU BANTON in our prayers. Keep the faith. You’re stronger than them. Love always. God is good. xx Kath Sista K Dooley xx

  8. Tsietsi Gustaf

    Buju deserves a second chance. He earned money from music but America wants us to believe that Buju is a criminal. Well, he’s just an honest man not a thug. The message in his music is uplifting millions around the world, so free the man.

  9. Words of encouragement will be forthcoming to lift Buju up. Sending lots of love and prayers. JAH works will be done…of this I am confident! Stay strong, BB.

  10. Dear Buju,we continue pray and hope that justice prevails, i miss you, we keep hope alive, we hold da fate, we know ur innocent and we support you untill you are free, dem set you up, payed an ex cocain dealer from TAX MONEY to involve you ina this, all is so unfair, hope and wish you nuff strenght and pray for a positiv result, dem cyant fool de world and do soppen like that with people dem nuh like… what a big corruption from de government, hope all will work out, it must, we live ina 2012, why dem fool de world, we need human rights, freedom, justice. If de time comes, good will win over evil, fiah fi bun out this corruption, Justice for BUJU!!! FREE BUJU, don’t lock up innocent hard working people what payed nuff tax, so de government took all him woked for and dem even tek his human rights, his freedom, God please let this end with justice, AMEN

  11. Lo Ramsahai

    Buju..i love u with all my heart and I wish u all the best!..Even tho u r go n thru it in a cell..ur fans are go n thru it with u in the free world!..PLEASE KEEP UR HEAD UP!


  13. Renell Turner

    Just keep your head up. Because all things work together for good to them that love God. No matter what people say God has the last say so. It’s not what man says it’s what god says. If God be for u who could be against. No matter what, pray and believe in your deliverance and watch God go to work. Prayer changes things. God bless and keep God first and all things will fall into place.

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