Free Buju Letter Writing Crusade Takes Off!

Team Banton Collects Letters Of Support From Around The World

Team Banton Collecting Letters Of Support From Around The World

Greetings friends, fans and freedom fighters! The Gargamel Music Family is pleased to announce that the Buju Banton Letter Writing Campaign to the Supreme Court has gotten off to an enthusiastic start. In just a few short weeks since launching the crusade at a press conference on Capitol Hill, Banton’s attorney Chokwe Lumumba  reports that well over a thousand signed letters of support from around the world have already arrived at  his law offices in Mississippi.

Buju Back In Court December 20th

Buju Back To Court December 20th

There is also an online petition circulating on but several people have experienced technical difficulties so we still encourage you to write a heartfelt letter of your own (or print out the template below), sign and snail mail it to Mr. Lumumba before the deadline on Thursday, January 31, 2013.

Banton will next appear in a Tampa federal court on Thursday, December 20th for an evidentiary hearing called by Judge James Moody, Jr. to survey whether or not the jurors who unwittingly put the GRAMMY-winning Reggae star behind bars “were exposed to extrinsic information” during the second trial.

Prosecutor James Preston, Jr. Venomously Pursued The Reggae Icon

Prosecutor James Preston, Jr. Venomously Pursued The Reggae Icon

One juror, Terri Wright, already admitted to conducting  “research” on aspects of the case, which could be grounds for a new trial (Buju’s third on the same charges). At the upcoming hearing, prosecutor James Preston, Jr. and defense attorney Lumumba will have an opportunity to interview Wright, along with three other jurors (Frank Arnone, Janice Benoit, Steven Boyce) under oath. Judge Moody will then make his ruling.


United States Supreme Court
c/o Attorney Chokwe Lumumba
440 N. Mill St.
Jackson, Mississippi 39202
Hon. Supreme Court Justices:
I am writing this letter in support of Mark Anthony Myrie (Buju Banton).
Mr. Myrie has filed a petition in this court seeking review and reversal of drug, conspiracy, weapons possession and phone facilitation convictions occurring in the U.S.District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division.
The convictions of Mr. Myrie are outrageous and unjust. Mr. Myrie was the victim of a concerted U.S. government effort to entrap, conducted by a corrupt informant who was paid 3.5 million dollars by the government for his services in various cases over the years.
Mark Myrie is a Grammy Award winning reggae artiste from Jamaica. He has never been convicted of a crime prior to the present case. He has helped feed numerous hungry children in his country and otherwise contributed to worthy causes in Jamaica and elsewhere. He is supported by hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions worldwide.
I ask this honorable court to review his case and grant Mark Myrie the relief he deserves.


Please Send Letters To Attorney Lumumba By

JANUARY 31, 2013!

Free Buju
**Special thanks to the Buju Banton Defense Support Committee for your tireless efforts to get the word out about this case. Your work is truly appreciated by the entire Gargamel Music Family.
**Extra special thanks to attorney David Oscar Markus for your continued support of Buju and the new legal team. We love you!


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12 responses to “Free Buju Letter Writing Crusade Takes Off!

  1. We know Buju was framed. He has our total support.

    Brother Omowale
    Pan-Afrikan Society Community Forum (PASCF)
    Buju Banton Support Committee Campaign (Britain)


    Free Buju! Rasta persecution inna dis millenium,Babylon still a want fi lock wi up. Wi still blv in gd ova evil! Untold stories…da truth has neva bn told. FREE BUJU!!!

  3. free the sherpherd! respect the big one — Buju Banton!

  4. hassan cook-bey

    Buju is being locked up because he can be a powerful force to deal with on unifying his people everywhere on this earth.

  5. Love him 100% like a brother

  6. Sipando stephen

    Truely this is very very unfair.remember god doesn’t sleep he’s ever watch’n.the same measure of judgement you give wil one day be given to buju

  7. Andrea

    Buju ‘Mark Myrie Banton,deserves a fair trial..One that was to be free of misconceptions and biases however it is now evident that this never happened throughout his trial.
    The Juror who sought information prior to the trial perjured himself .On the basis of the research he did prior to the trial and subsequently failed to reveal such information prior to assuming juror duties,it can be argued that he being a part of the decision making process had prior knowledge to influenced the decisions of the rest of the jurors to lean towards a guilty verdict.This is very serious matter so Why has this individual not face the courts yet.
    Its now clear there must be an independent review of the judgement based on the non transparency of the ‘leads’ to reach a guilty verdict.

    A new trial must be the way forward as based on the information before the public,the juror did not perform his duties in;’fairness’.
    Justice where it is a decision from the court must be done or at minimal seem to be done.

  8. Free bujubanton he iz innocent.

  9. Lo Ramsahai

    All I can say is…I LOVE HIM!

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