Free Buju


6 responses to “Free Buju

  1. Robert Harris

    I feel that Buju should be released I feel that they tried to set him up by bribing him with a way to provide for his family. Knowing that they set him up by some government employee promising him a way to provide for his family. Never did he accept or receive or contribute to what they charged him as being guilty. I feel that he should be Pardon and free to his family and let the man make his music.

  2. Danso Diawuo

    With Jah all things are possible.Buju is out forever.Amen

  3. Essay junior

    Buju should be released pls

  4. We need freedom en iwant buju 2b released he iz not guilty

  5. I want to express my concern regarding buju’s case.
    It’s clear to me that was a set-up, i hope the judge will truly look at this case
    vwith a fine toothcomb and do the right decision to let my buju, out so he can do what he does best making the roots reggae music we all love.

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