Reggae Icon Buju Banton Takes Fight For Freedom To Capitol Hill

Free Buju Press Event In Washington D.C. on Monday, Nov. 5th

On Monday, November 5th, activists, educators, friends and supporters of GRAMMY Award-winning Reggae star Buju Banton (née Mark Anthony Myrie), will gather for a press conference on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. to officially announce the filing of a petition for a Writ of Certiorari.

“Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people are convinced that Mark Anthony Myrie was unjustly targeted and convicted in the United States court in Florida,” explains Banton’s new attorney, Chokwe Lumumba. “We request that the highest court of the land review this injustice and overturn it.” He adds, “We are determined to fight for Myrie’s freedom until he is vindicated.”

Lumumba Once Represented The Late, Great Rapper Tupac Shakur

Lumumba, in association with the Buju Banton Defense Support Committee and the Gargamel Music Family, is organizing the press conference. Invited guest speakers include national head of the NAACP, Ben Jealous; civil rights activist, actor and comedian Dick Gregory; Dr. Carolyn Cooper, author and lecturer at University of the West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica; Brother Aula Sumbry, a radio host and Chairman of the NAACP Prison Committee in Trenton, New Jersey; GRAMMY Award-winning Reggae artist, Stephen Marley, and many more.

The icon Banton was convicted last year for “conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute” and “using the wires to facilitate a drug trafficking offense,” federal offenses that together carry a 10-year penalty. A third conviction, “knowing and intentionally carrying a firearm to further a drug offense” (5 year minimum), was thrown out at his sentencing hearing. The U.S. Court of Appeals reversed that decision, however, and Banton will be re-sentenced in a Tampa courthouse early next week.

The Free Buju Press Conference will be held at The Methodist Building (100 Maryland Ave. N.E.) — located across the street from the Supreme Court — at 1pm sharp. Fans in the Washington Metropolitan Area are welcome to come and show their support.


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19 responses to “Reggae Icon Buju Banton Takes Fight For Freedom To Capitol Hill

  1. I man feel sad and hold i jaw and me sey ,WHAT BABYLON, fe rob rasta,pure and true son of JAH….HAHAHAAA rasta stand tall for ADONAI be thy help…..through agony ….

  2. I want to take note of this particular blog post,
    “Reggae Icon Buju Banton Takes Fight For
    Freedom To Capitol Hill | This Is Buju Banton” on my site.
    Will you mind in the event that I actuallydo?
    Thanks -George

  3. Kirikou

    ‘Music is a Message.’ Love and respect to Buju Banton.

  4. Blessedlionness

    Buju, there will be a day, as u say, things will come better. Put your hope and trust in Jah and all things will come to pass. Am with u bro. Stay strong.

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  6. Good over evil. This the fulfill:

    Man deya prisoner long fi release
    Harder the battle sweeter the victory is
    Dem Buju say Banton is wire fi cease
    Man Buju a free spirit, unchained spirit

    Prayers to the ALMIGHTY JAH are what we dedicate 4 our Buju!

  7. patrice henry

    I am praying for Mark Anthony Myrie aka Buju Banton. They must free this innocent man ASAP!


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    The General! “The wind that parted the red sea will blow in your favor.” FREEDOM IS SURE! In Jesus name, AMEN!!!

  10. The Babylon system cannot prevail against the children of God. If we can all devote Psalm 2 and Psalm 91 for Buju’s deliverance from the evil Babylonian.

  11. Chinna

    An innocent man wrongly convicted because the Babylon system is fighting against him because he speaks the truth. Freedom is a must!!!!!!!!!!

  12. andy wil

    This was injustice in every way. I urge all supporters especially caribbean people living in the DC tri-state are to go out and support this fight for justice. There’s power in numbers

  13. Selah

    JAH GUIDE, BB. bless.

  14. catherine Tyerman

    Free Buju! he was wrongly convicted.

  15. michelle

    If God be for u , who can be against u …….. God is by his side……….

  16. Channing

    Sending my love and prayers up to DC!! Wishing I could be there 😦 Respect, Ras!

  17. Kyra harrington

    Please check into the micheal harrington jr. case from columbus ohio …..god bless………

  18. bennedict

    Free Buju

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