Miami New Times Cover Story Proclaims Buju Banton’s Innocence

Buju Banton Is Innocent

Once again, Jamaican music icon, Buju Banton, is featured on the cover of this week’s Miami New Times. The story, “Buju Banton Is Innocent,” penned by staff writer Chris Sweeney, details the  events leading up to the Reggae star’s arrest, and duly picks apart the government’s case, which hinged on the testimony of career criminal, Alexander Johnson.

A convicted drug trafficker turned government informant, Johnson worked vigorously for months to set Buju up, bringing his potential “big catch” to the attention of pals at the DEA and overzealous prosecutor, Assistant US Attorney James C. Preston, Jr. who he has been working hand-in-hand with for the last 10 years.

Thoroughly researched and incredibly well written, this compelling feature is the first to paint a fuller picture of Buju’s life’s work and the seedy circumstances surrounding the government’s case. Sweeney writes:

“The saga sheds light on how far the government will go and how dirty it will play to win the few big battles left in the long-ago failed War on Drugs. Now, while one of the most successful and controversial Jamaican artists — a man who won a Grammy for best reggae album a year ago — sits in a Miami penitentiary, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals is considering whether unconstitutional tactics were used to nail a man who had no known criminal record.”

A sidebar piece in the Broward-Palm Beach New Times takes a closer look at government snitch Johnson, and breaks down the millions of dollars he’s made off the backs of US taxpayers, while working as a confidential informant. Sweeney writes:

“But Johnson isn’t a U.S. citizen, and he’ll never be one due to his felony-laden criminal record. Yet he has managed to earn nearly $3.5 million of taxpayer money while working as a confidential informant. He’s a persistent and crafty snitch who used booze and claims of music industry contacts to lure Buju, a Grammy-winning reggae artist, into environments he may otherwise have avoided.” 

The entire story is available online now. Hard copies will begin circulating in South Florida on Wednesday evening. Big respect to Chris Sweeney and The Miami New Times for making sure the full regarding this case is told.



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9 responses to “Miami New Times Cover Story Proclaims Buju Banton’s Innocence

  1. braz

    fuck da system free da lion buju banton respect brazjons from uganda

  2. Magwesere m

    the mistakes of a judge r behind bars. man free BUJU

  3. Stephanie Mowbray

    What ever the out come will be. I am a true fan of Buju Banton and I
    will be here for his return. I love you Buju Banton.

    • Nardo827

      It’s obvious, all should have seen this coming, this is babylon’s revenge for “boom bye bye” they have protested the general ever since, not to mention his constant attacks and questioning of the “world leaders” don’t mistake anything that happens in this day and age it is warfare Jah Bless We!

  4. Free buju

    Bless zuri1 for the link, I been trying to stay updated with his case and give thanks you have so much information here. #freebujubanton

  5. Leisa

    This is the most obvious case of entrapment. Such a damn shame how the system plot to bring down a great artist. But Buju may be down but not out.



  7. Armah Meda

    free buju
    who is a saint?
    remember dat der is no saint — none — without sin.

  8. The allegation that put Buju Banton behind bars violate numerous amendments such as due process & rights to a speedy trial to name a few not to mention human freedom all because of one’s own greed & co viciousness..

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