Buju Banton Graces Cover Of French Magazine

Buju Got Reggae Vibes

The Gargamel Music Family is pleased to share that Jamaican music icon, Buju Banton, is featured on the cover of the popular French magazine, Reggae Vibes, available on European newsstands now. The accompanying story, written by veteran UK journalist, John Masouri, takes an in-depth look at the controversial case that ultimately landed the beloved Reggae star in a federal penitentiary, and more importantly, pays homage to the artist’s 20+ year career in music that has touched the lives of so many people around the world.

“I chose to do a cover with Buju to tell the truth about him, about his musical career, and about his trial,” explains the magazine’s long time editor, Gilbert Pytel. “Buju is one of the best Reggae artists in the world. People should not forget this! The Reggae massive in France waits for his comeback.”

Back in the United States, Buju is also featured in Hip-Hop Weekly‘s new special issue, “Hip-Hop Behind Bars.” The piece brings readers up to speed on the case and impending appeal, which was filed by the artist’s attorneys late last year.



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4 responses to “Buju Banton Graces Cover Of French Magazine

  1. Victoria

    The devil is powerful but he CANNOT OVERPOWER GOD… Buju Banton will be freed soon. I LOVE YOU BUJU!

  2. Christine Thompson-Rowe

    I love Buju Banton and have been a die hard fan for many years. I don’t stop pray for Buju and I believe God will show him favour and release him soon.

  3. Jackie richards

    I’m missing Buju Banton. His music calms me; his lyrics so on point.

  4. Jah Lady

    Jah Guide and Protect!! Big up to the Great Buju and the whole Gargamel Family! This is the Rasta year for sure! Yeh sah! Nuff love!

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