Gargamel Focused On Freedom In 2012

We Pray For Freedom In 2012

Greetings in the name of the Most High! As we mark the end of 2011, Buju Banton and the entire Gargamel family would like to take a moment to thank the fans around the world for your unwavering support during these difficult times. Indeed, it is not an easy road, but it helps to know that we are not walking it alone.

Buju has been receiving all of  your correspondence and apologizes for not being able to answer every single letter personally. Keep them coming, still, as they are a true source of upliftment in the midst of so much uncertainty.

While we patiently await a final ruling on Buju’s case from the United States Court of Appeals, Team Gargamel remains hopeful, prayerful and focused on freedom… We encourage you to do the same.




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20 responses to “Gargamel Focused On Freedom In 2012

  1. Julia Wilson

    Buju we(i) missed ur sweet voice and most of all u…a man whom i grew up loving and respect as my older.
    May God help u out of there my hun …prison u don’t belong there; but that’s what people who do not travel some countries don’t understand when u r black- u r all criminal especially the country u r in…..been there few times they treat foreigners like shit and criminals. Come out soon babes…love u be strong. not easy but we love u no matter what they put on u hun..
    Avoid that place when u r free……hell.
    Love u.

  2. Me hoping and praying fi u .jus keep da faith alive

  3. DJ Don Dickson

    Jah guide and protect you. Respect.

  4. Empress Spirit


    Greeting Buju
    I think you know the history of ancient and modern Ethiopia, and therefore you know that the Great Negus of ancient Ethiopia, was indeed a Man of Peace, despite his detractors. Now while you are in the midst of adversity, you have to stay strong in our Faith.
    Blessed Love.
    Empress Spirit

  5. Empress Spirit


    Greeting Buju! Do not change your faith!

    Blessed Love!

  6. Christine Thompson-Rowe

    Buju, you are so loved and respected all over the world. I have been praying for you from day one. Despite the outcome, I never give up hope and I know God is on your side. I believe and thank Him for your release. Keep strong and positive and know that you are truly loved.

  7. salih abdur raheem

    Salaam, my dear respected brother rivert to Islam and Allah will make it easy for you Inshallah.

  8. Jackie richards

    I would like to say to u Buju keep your head up,and keep doing what u do the best. I am born and raised in bradenton/sarasota fl.I couldn’t believed what the system did to u. It confirm how onesided the system work. you not white, so lets just throw the book at him.nevermind he didn’t do anything wrong.

  9. Lannetso

    Give thanks for all the pains and afflictions for behind them all riseth a greater glory. Tell which a woman never went thru pain of childbirth. Yet when the baby is delivered they forget all the pain. Your day of delivery will soon come nd the trying moments will be over. One luv lannetso.

  10. evet5929

    where there is a storm it must be a calm just remember god dont allow too much wrongs to happen to his children but know that god favour you inspite of your battle seek him and tell others about him one love from nassau bahamas

  11. Rhyging

    Free up di general!
    Jah bless, Ivan!

  12. I am a fan from grenada, everytime I read a story on buju I cry. I will continue to pray

  13. RasSam

    Rastafari spreads his mercy to all mankind. Hold the faith BUJU and keep the strength in your heart knowing that Jah will carry you through all the tribulations. Jah know its not a easy road!
    Jah Bless

  14. kamaria1503

    Jah Give I Strength….and never let I fail! Stay stron Buju, freedom soon come!

  15. Praying. Fasting. And praying some more. JAH Live! Everytime.

  16. william

    it would be so great to see him go free this year…

  17. jah lady

    All prayers go to Buju and his family..this year will bring a better year for the Rasta! Selah! Always keep your faith in the most High!

  18. kayaman

    Yes I, Jah great but we all know Buju innocent from di start. Fire bun Babylon. Rise Jah children… Bless.

  19. Abel

    Lets pray dat freedom to u man.

  20. dj dual roots

    positiva vibracion para que todo se resuelva lo antes posible bendiciones paz respeto .

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