Buju Moving… To Low Security Federal Facility In Miami

Buju Moving...

The family and close friends of Buju Banton can breathe a collective sigh of relief. After spending two months living under horrible conditions at Limestone County Correctional Institution, a private prison in Groesbeck, Texas, the Jamaican music icon is now on the move and expected to be transferred to Federal Correctional Institution Miami, the low security  facility originally recommended by the Honorable Judge James Moody, who oversaw his criminal case.

The Gargamel Music family expresses great thanks to the Jamaican consulate, who immediately sent a representative to report first hand on the conditions in Texas, and to Judge Moody, who wrote a letter to the Bureau Of Prisons (BOP) on Buju’s behalf. We are especially thankful for Buju’s attorney, David Oscar Markus of Markus & Markus Law, who worked diligently with the prison in Texas, the Jamaican consulate, the BOP and the Court to make this unprecedented move happen.



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13 responses to “Buju Moving… To Low Security Federal Facility In Miami

  1. What is the address to were buju is incarserated. His lyrics gave me hope. Ive grown up in detroit and have seen many dark days. I found away to turn my back on the darkside of my city and bujus music was my cornerstone. Please send me the info as I would like to write him a letter. Dont forget the inmate # I hope to reach him in a way that he helped me unknowingly.

  2. dennis matekenya

    sufferation brings inspiration, use the negatives and turn them around , only jah see and know

  3. denise

    once there is life there is hope,and who god bless no man curse freedom is a must.just keep the faith buju you are not alone we luv u.god bless.

  4. Dornett Haughton

    May God continue to guide you and to lift you up spiritually, Don’t be discouraged,be strong and ask God to watch over you. Just listened to your songs and was blessed tremendously especially the song “Sweet hour of prayer”. Stay blessed Buju, focus and used your time to write some inspiring lyrics. One love…

  5. Empress Spirit


    BUJU! Stay focus.

    Give thanx to Judge Moody.

    Blessed are the People of Peace.

    Empress Spirit

  6. Abel

    Wish u a good move and a superb stay. Let Jah guide.

  7. jusiah

    this is entrapment.
    free buju!

  8. Wa mi wa say babylon cant du nattin to chain duw pon rasta.babylon haf nu choice bot gwan free rasta lakka bird fram di sky.dat unuh most du babylon sin.mi name is rasGnine fram benue state nigeria !

  9. Shazznem

    Thank you Mr. Markus.

  10. Shazznem

    Wonderful! Wonderful! “Relief will come when there is least hope, for God tests his followers through a fiery furnace”.(Ghandi).

  11. keekee bless

    Be strong and hold a firm meditation, one day things must get better. Just keep your head above the water, one day things must get better

  12. peter tosh

    Wish him all the best and wish he gets released soon.

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