Buju Banton Moved To Federal Facility In Central Texas

After spending nearly two months at a federal holding facility in Oklahoma, our beloved Buju has finally been moved to Limestone County Correctional Institution in Groesbeck, Texas, which is a low security, specialized population private prison that houses sentenced criminal “aliens.” Groesbeck is located approximately 42 miles from the city of Waco and 100 miles from Dallas. Despite the harrowing circumstances, B remains strong, focused and prayerful, taking one day at a time. Family, friends and fans are encouraged to write letters to the General at the address below:






Meanwhile, Buju’s legal team, led by David Oscar Markus of Markus & Markus Law, is diligently at work on his appeal and supporters have relaunched the Buju Banton Letter Writing Campaign aimed at bringing attention about this miscarriage of justice to US Attorney General Eric Holder.



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8 responses to “Buju Banton Moved To Federal Facility In Central Texas

  1. JPBusy

    Big thanks to those staffing this site and respect to the Gargamel family from this friend in South London. Great to have an updated address for the son of reggae music. Letter on the way. Don’t be shy, people. Send him a card with a nice picture on it. Let him know he’s in our thoughts.
    JP Busy

  2. tadious

    Will keep praying for Buju. Lots of love

  3. fiona

    Greetings to Gargamel family… I have been a loyal fan and supporter of Buju Banton for over 16 years. His music has helped me through many struggles in my life — without it, I don’t know where my life would be. I come from a remote villiage in Scotland where the only reggae artiste they may have heard of would have been Bob Marley. Now people ask me what’s the story on Buju… And I tell them how Buju Banton was set up! Ten years is a long time and time waits for no man, but I know in my heart that Buju can do this time and hold the faith and be as big a star when he comes out as when he when in. And I shall continue to buy his music and support Buju from my heart. I pray that Jah guide and protect you all the days of your life. From a loyal Buju Banton fan… One Love.



    Many blessings go out to Buju and his family. We are die core fans of yours and of course very devastated by what happened to you. But I know you are a strong person so no matter what is going on, continue to be strong. Your Jam family are behind you 100%. No matter what they do they cannot stop us from loving you or supporting you. A word of wisdom: IF I CAN STOP ONE HEART FROM BREAKING, I SHALL NOT LIVE IN VAIN. WATCH, WAIT, TIME WILL UNFOLD AND FULFILL ITS PURPOSE. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.THE STRENGTH AND THE UNITY OF THOSE WHO LOVE YOU WILL GUIDE YOU THROUGH ALL OF THIS. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP AS I KNOW YOU CAN. I WILL CONTINUE TO WRITE…YOU ARE MY BROTHER. JAH BLESS. RASTAFARI.


  5. Empress Spirit


    Greeting Buju

    Am begining to accept that you are still in jail, though that does not mean I agree with you being in jail. I hope they let you read this. Just stay focused and keep yourself on the right level.


    Empress Spirit

  6. C

    I have been a die-heart Buju fan my entire life…I’ve started to write so many letters since this whole ordeal but, I’ve gotten to sad and nervous to send them. I’ve literally wrote so many I could write a book called, “Unfinished Letters to Buju” 🙂 I will get enough courage to send some soon. I hope he’ll write back..

    *A true friend for life

  7. alex

    respect and love goes out to buju and his family. i have been folowing the bantons career since 1992 and a man with so much knowledge to write and realese so many tunes where does he find the time to sell drugs. the down fall to man kind is man kind him self, how does one man judge another only god can be the judger so if buju is inocent he will reap the benefits in the future jah bless and one love to all godly people and for the rest i pray for you. free buju

  8. we have to be very careful and mindful on who we associate with, much blessings go out to Buju and his family, great contribute to music and the reggae world

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