Irie Jam Radio Hosting Buju Banton Tribute Marathon All Day Today!

Irie Jam 93.5 FM in collaboration with Gargamel Music, Inc. presents “A Day for Buju Banton” tribute marathon. Listeners in New York can tune in to Irie Jam 93.5 FM today, Saturday, October 9, from 1pm-6pm. Fans outside the Tri-State area can log on to or

All day, the Irie Jam family will celebrate the stellar body of work that Jamaican music icon, Buju Banton has delivered to the masses throughout his illustrious 20+ year career. The entertainment industry has also come out in support with Stephen MarleyGramps Morgan, Wayne Wonder, John Holt and Tarrus Riley all slated to participate in the program.

Buju Banton has been incarcerated since December 10, 2009. He was entrapped by a paid informant. After many postponements, his trial finally commenced on September 20, 2010. On September 27,  a mistrial was declared because the panel of jurors were split and unable to reach a unanimous verdict. The case will be retried in December 2010.

Meanwhile, Banton’s attorney, David Oscar Markus filed a motion for bond that was heard by Magistrate Judge Anthony E. Porcelli on Wednesday, October 6. Judge Porcelli is expected to render his decision next week.

We urge the public to  support Buju Banton’s  new album, a prophetic masterpiece, Before the Dawn by purchasing a copy today. In addition, we encourage everyone to participate in the Buju Banton Letter Writing Campaign to ensure the US government is keenly aware that the public is monitoring this case closely. Please send your letter today and encourage others to do the same !

THE BUJU BANTON DEFENSE FUND has also been reestablished. We are asking supporters to contribute $10 or more to assist in the next battle in Buju’s court proceedings, which will cost upwards of $200,000 USD.

Funds can be wired to:
Markus & Markus, PLLC
(Defense Fund for Buju Banton)

Citibank, N A
Coral Way Branch
1600 Coral Way
Miami, FL 33145
ABA # 266086554
Account # 9118130472

For international wires the Swift Code is CITIUS33.



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9 responses to “Irie Jam Radio Hosting Buju Banton Tribute Marathon All Day Today!

  1. Please free my brother Buju Banton. Please let him go. Please, I am pleading to you all with all my heart. Thank you very much.

  2. OriJeanel Moril


    Justice will prevail. GOD is good, JAH is Great!

    Go Sis!!

  3. patrice stewart

    Awesome program! My family, friends and I were totally captivated. Attorney David Oscar Markus, Stephen Marley, Gramps Morgan, Tony Rebel, Wayne Wonder, Stephanie Black, Janette, John Holt, Buju’s daughter (Shadai), Dean Fraser & Tracii McGregor were able to enlighten the countless persons who tuned in to the program. We need the whole truth! Buju is innocent, he is a LEGEND, he will be FREE.

  4. Even from within the walls, Buju is an inspiration to many. His recently released album speaks volume to his strength and character. His voice reverberates throughout my soul and I will continue to pray, fast, and do whatever I can to support you Buju. As you uplift so many of us, know that we hold you up in prayer. The Lion of Judah shall break every chain…

    one love. Rastafari!

  5. Renardo Gordon


  6. Renardo Gordon

    Buju, may the Almighty God follow you all the way. As you say in your song it’s not an easy road. I can feel your pain deep down in my heart but I know you will get through these hard times. All of London is behind you all the way. Your songs are the greatest in modern days. Keep the faith because I know you can do it. Your music tells the type of genious you are.

  7. If the legal system has never done anything for the outstanding Jamaican’s that contribute to American society and all over the world, please, we are asking you to free Buju Gargamel Banton. He has contributed so much to Jamaican youths that it would be an injustice to take that away. Please allow him to continue in that service. Dr. King once said, “Not every man can be famous, but every man can be great, because greatness is determine by service.” So now you can be of service in allowing him to return to society and be that great performer that he is while uplifting the world with is inspirational music. Thanks in advance for your service.

  8. Sharon Nembhard

    I must say thank you all for this program today. My soul is lifted and my faith is secure. I was a little ashamed that before the trial I saw or heard little coming from the music fraternity of Jamaca but as usual the shepherd gets smitten and the sheep scatter. I am overwhelmed with joy to have heard from Gramps Morgan, Stephen Marley, Tony Rebel, and the Entertainment Report of Bounty Killa’s statement recently. I will hold no grudges. I am too overwhelmed with joy that I have heard from some. Blessed love to everyone who made today possible. My heart is lifted and I believe Mark’s entire self must be lifted!!!

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