Buju Banton Trial Delayed Again… This Time ‘Til September 20th

Banton looks forward to his day in court.

Team Gargamel has learned that Buju Banton‘s day in court has been pushed back for the fifth time! Previously rescheduled to start on September 13th, the long-delayed trial has now been set to begin on Monday, September 20, 2010. The high-profile, highly controversial case will be tried by Assistant U.S. Attorney, James C. Preston, Jr. and presided over by The Honorable Judge James S. Moody, Jr. at the Sam M. Gibbons U.S. District Courthouse in Tampa, Florida.

Represented by esteemed South Florida Super Lawyer, David Oscar Markus, the Reggae icon is looking forward to finally having the opportunity to defend himself. It goes without saying that Banton is also amped up about the forthcoming release of his prophetic new album, Before The Dawn, which will drop just eight days later on Tuesday, September 28th in the United States and Japan. The release date for most of Europe is Monday, October 1st, however, for the UK and France the date will be Friday October 4th.



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21 responses to “Buju Banton Trial Delayed Again… This Time ‘Til September 20th

  1. Bevon english Henry

    Buju, keep your head above the water and remember that behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining. A wise man once said to me that these two eyes are the windows to your soul. Stand by your belief and always remember HIM.

  2. Kimberley

    It’s not an easy road, bless up Buju!!!




    Brandon M. Witte

  4. Empress Lioness


    Stay strong!


    Empress Lioness, London, England. 9-9-10

  5. dian

    I miss Buju so much, I pray that he is freed. Just so much injustice in America. Sad, sad………….

  6. Empress Maroon of Jamaica


    Greeting Buju,

    Now is the time for you to remain strong in the Spirit of Rastafari, because as you know, ONLY RASTA CAN LIBERATE THE PEOPLE!

    My Prayers and Mediation are that H.I.M. and Empress Menen continue to keep you, and you continue to gain courage and strength from the Righteous Spirit of Rastafari!

    Blessed Love.

    Empress Maroon of Jamaica.

  7. How any times are they gonna violate his rights? First they paid an ex-drug dealer $35,000 to set him up. And now they’re delaying his day in court for the fifth time! I wonder if anyone really understands that any one of us could be next…

  8. Buju, they think they get way but them sick. They can’t keep a good man down. I know you are prayerful, man and the prayer of a rightous man availeth much. Stay strong. We are beside you 100%. Stay strong. Victory is just days away. Have faith and pray that you will get outta there safe and sound, ’cause no man can gun you down. We deh pray fi you.

  9. Buju you stay strong, man. Nothing can keep you down. Just brush yourself off from this and then come back and blow their minds. Let no weapon that forms against you prosper. You are the best. Love always…


  10. Empress Maroon of Jamaica


    Greeting all true supporters of Buju Banton (B/B)!

    Just read that B/B case is not going to commence 13 September, now the so called judge is saying 20 Sepetember 2010! What a disgrace!

    All I have to say, after all of the foolishness and nonsense going on with the way the Amerikkkans are totally dis-RESPECTING B/B, is this: If B/B is not released from prison there should be the next level of action implemented by B/B’s hardcore fans! And guess what? Despite all of the conspiracy going on around me I am still a strong fan of B/B.

    B/B stay strong! Too many innocent Black men in Amerikkka’s prisons… Who’ve committed no crimes but have served longer time than you in their jails.

    All you have to remember, B/B is to keep strong with H.I.M. and Empress Menen, and prepare yourself to leave the jail.

    In unity…

    Empress Maroon of Jamaica, 28-8-2010

  11. Be strong. Keep your head up. I know you will be free.

  12. Pamela Moore-Blumenkamp

    Hang in there, Mark! Don let them defeat your patience! We Gargamuffinette’s got strong backbone! We get it from YOU! Be strongest, our loved one! Blessed love, everyday… See you there at the MisTrial of this century…

  13. patrice stewart

    Stay strong & keep positive. God is with you. He will defeat your enemies!

    Buju will be VICTORIOUS!!!!!!!

  14. Keisha-Ann

    Be strong Buju, God is in the midst of this and he is working. It must be him or who else could it be. They obviously don’t have enough evidence or else they would have thrown the book at you a long time ago. Let’s keep on praying because this is a poweful weapon and all it needs is faith.

  15. Ras Patcha

    Got a close one yesterday but Jah put an Angel over me. Be strong and hold a firm meditation.

  16. Island Gyal

    I guess they still need more time to set him up.

  17. Anton

    “be strong
    hol’ a firm meditation
    one day, t’ings mus’ get better”

  18. Tunde Saliu

    Dem haffi get a beaten, not by man, but by the hand of Jah. Dem evidence flop so them try fi get more time fi cook up more false evidence and bear false witness gainst de Rastaman.

  19. Freda Randolph

    Keep your head up, sugar. Things are going to get better. Love ya Buju wish I could be at your trial to show support. But you will have some of your fans there. We all love you dearly. MUAH!!!!!!!!!

  20. vanessa solomon

    Blessings to Ras Buju Banton. You know they always go above and beyond to try and silence, break or downplay our power. Much love, peace and blessings to you, brother. The most high shall ride you through. This is just a minor setback. You’re with us anyhow and you’ll be alright.

  21. If they had a case, they wouldn’t be deferring like this. So, I’m sitting waiting to hear they go the count of seven deferrals. But I tell you, God help them if he is not released by Christmas! Hold on Buju, we comin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is in charge and prayer is our only weapon!!!!!!!!!!!!

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