Banton Moved Back To General Population–Team Gargamel Preps To Fight For His Life

Buju Prepares For The Fight Of His Life

The Gargamel Music Family is pleased to confirm that music icon, Buju Banton, has indeed been moved back to general population at the Pinellas County Jail after spending over 30 days in maximum security for the seemingly minor infraction of giving his food away to a fellow inmate.

The move has lifted Buju’s spirits tremendously as he is able to move around a bit more freely, plus he has access to hot water and other simple provisions that were not readily available in South Division aka “max.”

Buju wants his fans to know that all of the guards on his floor are treating him with the utmost respect and he also says he is receiving so much mail from around the world that the jail is even considering giving him his own mail bag! Buju is thankful for all the uplifting correspondence and promises to write back to his supporters as much as he can.

Well wishers can continue to hail up the boss at the new updated address below:

Mark Anthony Myrie – Docket # 1387202


Pinellas County Jail

14400 49th Street North

Clearwater, Florida 33762-2877

Please note *new housing info, which must be included in address to ensure delivery.

In the meantime, Buju remains prayerful and optimistic as Team Gargamel, led by esteemed criminal defense attorney, David Oscar Markus, prepare to fight for his liberty and his life. The trial date is presently still set for Monday, June 21st at the Sam M. Gibbons Federal US District Courthouse in Tampa, Florida.

The high-profile, highly controversial case will be tried by Assistant US Attorney, James C. Preston, Jr. and presided over by The Honorable Judge James S. Moody, Jr.


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5 responses to “Banton Moved Back To General Population–Team Gargamel Preps To Fight For His Life

  1. vivienne wright

    Buju, your people are praying for you. They say the USA is the place where justice is born. Let’s just hope it is so. It is clear to the rest of the world what the informer was up to. I hope the great USA will allow the world to see that they are just. People the world over are a little restive as to how the US goes about justice when people of color and of other races are being judged. The world is watching America. Let justice be not for a few but for all people. People, let your voices be heard! Your word is power!

  2. judah-mubaya

    Buju, you will be free!

  3. Empress Lioness


    ONE LOVE, Mr. Mention. Stay strong, and keep focused on getting out of that jail.


    Empress Lioness, London, England. 3-7-2010

  4. Irie Queen


    Buju Banton, stay strong, and keep the Faith of H.I.M and Empress Menen.

    I and I trust that your legal team are going to work right on point for your defense, and you are able to give them all they need, so that you are freed again.


    Irie Queen. 27 May 2010.

  5. Jolie Jamz

    Blessed Love to Tracii & The Gargamel Inc. Family. This is INDEED good news!! My spirit is LIFTED! Let the ALMIGHTY God of Isaacc of Moses of Shadrack Meshack & Abendigo be praised!! He is back in general population, Good.

    “Buju wants his fans to know that all of the guards on his floor are treating him with the utmost respect.” <—= Thanks for this info. From day one I had fears that his rights might be abused but God protects his loved ones, his baby from the lions.

    Gargamel's Faithfuls are gearing up to spiritually fight the fight of his life with him. The Prayer Warriors are on the job.

    Give thanks for this update. Blessed love.


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