Team Banton Back To Court March 4th

The legal team representing Buju Banton, led by noted criminal defense attorney, David Oscar Markus, will be back in Tampa for two court hearings on the morning of Thursday, March 4th. The first hearing will simply reconfirm the trial start date, which has been tentatively set for Monday, April 19th. The Magistrate Judge appointed to the case, Thomas Wilson, will then hold a second, key hearing to address the series of motions filed by Markus, who contends that the DEA used a paid informant to entrap Buju Banton. One motion reads in part:

“The facts and circumstances of the confidential sources’ contacts with Mr. Myrie display a deliberate effort by a paid informant to ensnare a perfect stranger, who happened to be sitting next to him on an international flight, into committing a crime, thereby ensuring the informant more money…”

“The confidential source is a paid government informant. In addition to refusing to disclose the identity, the government has refused to identify the prior cases in which he has been involved, the outcomes of those cases, the amount of money he has earned making cases for the government, or even the amount he has been paid (or expects to be paid) in this case…”

It goes without saying that March 4th should prove to be a very interesting and especially revealing day in court. Big up to David Markus, Marc Seitles and the rest of the team working day and night on Buju’s case. We are thankful… We are confident… We will win this!



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11 responses to “Team Banton Back To Court March 4th

  1. Island Queen


    Greetings Buju!

    KEEP STRONG. I am looking for you to get your liberty returned sooner rather than later.


    Island Queen. 18-5-2010

  2. Island Queen


    Greeting Gargamel

    KEEP STRONG and am keeping you in mind for your liberty, sooner rather than later.


    Island Queen. 18-3-2010.

  3. Empress Lioness


    Please can Managers of this website explain what is happening with Buju Banton (B/B) court case?

    Some of last weeks newspapers reported that, B/B court case is now not going to commence for at least another few more weeks.

    As someone who is concerned about B/B, I hope that information about what is happening to B/B, court case, is going to be posted on this website.


    Empress Lioness. London, England, 24-4-2010.

  4. Warrior Queen


    Greeting to all the Buju Banton (B/B) defenders!

    I was preparing myself, for your 19-4-10 court case, though unconfirmed reports are now saying that the court case may not start in a few days. I have used the description “unconfirmed reports”, because although the newspaper report about B/B case seemed to be responsibly written, there is nothing on this website saying that B/B court case is not going to commence 19-4-10, and therefore confirmation of what is happening with B/B court case is requested.

    Please can the Managers of this website indicate when B/B court case is due to actually commence.

    Stay strong B/B and keep yourself in the Rastafari Spirit.

    Warrior Queen, 16-4-2010, London, England.

  5. Warrior Queen


    Buju Banton (B/B) has to know that the real indicator from all of his fans and supporters, that means they are committed to working for the release of B/B, and B/B getting his liberty returned, is through organising, organising, and organising!

    Stay strong B/B.

    Give Thanx.

    Warrior Queen. 28-3-10

  6. Mr. Myrie this is your very special friend Lala i hope this message reaches you. just want u to know my prayers are with you, i actually dreamt i was with you last night and we were praying together for your freedom. You know i will always be there for u my friend, now and always. I will try to make it to the court appearances in April ok, but just know i am by your side holding your hand and i know u will muster up all the strength u can to fight this and u will pull through this just have faith.

    Love and strength always

    • Michele

      Sasha, are you alright? You & Mr. Myrie, are in my our prayer’s. Remeber Paul…he went through, but Yahweh open up the door’s for him. Trust in him.

      LOVE & Respect
      Empress Michele

  7. fabjani

    good luck tomorrow on your court day gargamel. my prayers goes out to you.

  8. Empress Lioness

    RASTAFARI! These rough circumstances that Buju Banton (B/B) is having to deal with are definitely challenging my emotional levels also!That mentioned, all of us with a geniune concern; Fan’s and the Black community in general, about B/B have to remain together, and therefore my Prayers are that B/B Defence Team is completely ready to work for B/B liberty. All good wishes and Give Thanx! for B/B Legal Team who have a tremendous responsibility.

    As always B/B, remember RASTAFARI!, H.I.M. and Empress Menen.

    Blessed Love. Empress Lioness. London, England.

  9. mi tink dem fi free up the general mi him go a short go sort out himself and rebuild.

    big up Robbo Ranx

    Lucki Lus

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