Gargamel Music Blasts Back!

The Gargamel Music Family is disgusted by the vehement persecution of international Reggae star, Buju Banton, by a legion of misguided gay activists. We find it appalling that the LA Gay & Lesbian Center and the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) would spend tens of thousands of dollars to take out a full page ad in Variety — solely to blast Banton’s well-deserved Grammy nomination for his acclaimed album Rasta Got Soul (Gargamel Music) — when those resources could have been better spent lending a helping hand to our suffering Haitian brothers and sisters.

Buju Deserves This GrammyIn the form of an open letter to Recording Academy President Neil Portnow, who stands by the nomination, the ad makes the sensational claim that Buju Banton has “promoted the murder of gay people throughout his career” despite the fact that his overwhelmingly positive music catalog proves otherwise. Predictably, they cite the twenty-year-old anti-buggery missive “Boom Bye Bye,” without ever contextualizing that the song was written by a 15-year-old Buju in response to a widely reported man-boy rape case back in Jamaica.

Replete with misinformation, the letter curiously goes on to say that Buju Banton’s classic hit single “Batty Rider” glorifies the shooting of gay men — even though the song is actually about the popular skin-tight short-shorts young women wore to the clubs back in the ’90s.

Meanwhile, not a peep from the LA Gay & Lesbian Center or GLAAD about white rap star, Eminem, who has a much more recent history of “verbally assaulting” gays and who continues to write songs riddled with “anti-gay sentiment.” His latest album, Relapse is up for several awards this year and he will be performing at the ceremony on Sunday.

The 2010 Grammy nod for Rasta Got Soul is Buju Banton’s fourth. The artist was previously acknowledged by the Recording Academy for his albums Too Bad (2007) Friends for Life (2004) and Inna Heights (1999). Since its release in April 2009, Rasta Got Soul has received rave reviews from such prestigious media outlets as BillboardExclaim!Hip-Hop Weekly and All Music Guide, who called the album an “instant classic.” A documentary-style video for the new single “Optimistic Soul” will premiere in Jamaica soon.



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37 responses to “Gargamel Music Blasts Back!


  2. JUDAH

    this is positivness if you do not think in that manner you do not need to be on this humanitation fight..because we dread means serious biz…Revelation21v7-8……abominable means poulluted by the Earth,s abominations …..rastafari powers of the trinity …so if you need something to do go attack the abominations of the Earth and Leave our brother and his homeland out of your mouth..because fari do not deal in the white powder …..powers of the trinity

  3. Warrior Queen


    Buju Banton (B/B) has been targeted by the homosexual lobby, for a tune that he wrote and performed as a teenager, and therefore that should not be constantly referred to by the homosexual lobby, in this time, as B/B is now a Rasta Man, and has a different way of expressing his dislike for sodomites.

    B/B has the right to live and practice his Rastafari faith, and it is disrespectful of the homosexual community to continue their hate campaign against B/B, because of 1 tune that was written many, many years ago.

    B/B should be allowed to “agree to disagree” with the homosexual lobby about homosexuality, as should all Rastafari, Christians, Muslims, and people who believe in their own respective Holy Bible, or Holy Quran, and not be put in a situation, where harrassment is rife from homosexuals, because people in the their own Religious Faiths, want to follow their Spiritual/Religious moral code.

    Stay strong B/B.

    Give Thanx.

    Warrior Queen. 28-3-10


    The gay community is using their hatred of Reggae music and Jamaica to create a platform to promote and propagate themselves. They are willing to tear down good artists to advance their agenda, and they are targeting Jamaicans because they think we are weak. We would have forgotten about boom-bye-bye a long time ago if it wasn’t for them because Buju has such a great catalog. Jamaicans will not stop promoting good family values in our music. And we will not bow to the pressure of egomaniacs.

  5. natural moral and sane


    While I am in support of human rights, where rights are concerned (being the right to life and humane treatment), I am in total shock and awe of the proliferation and support in publication and time that the media has given to this so-called ‘rights group’.

    I cannot and refuse to give support, and am against any group formed in an alliance against religion, the law of Jamaica, land we love, the law of God, morality and common sense.

    Speaking specifically to the Christian religion, as I’m aware all other religions are against this particular lifestyle, but the Christian Church has been extremely quiet on the issue and try to validate by quoting scriptures of ‘judge not’. Some have even taken the position to be liberal and accepting in acquiring the growth of their bench-warming congregation, that even the values have been diluted and the behaviour can only be described as hypocritical and the Church decadent in its stance. If Jesus were here, as with what was done in the temple with the commercialisation, He would take a militant stance where this issue is concerned.

    Churches need to do the right thing. Just as you are so militant against sex outside of marriage, adultery and gambling, you need to talk about it. How about this: what about upholding the image of what is right and just? Remember, God never changes, so stop rewriting the scriptures.

    Moral rape

    The minds of our children are being raped into acceptance of something which we all know is wrong. We are being told, and it is being implied, that we need counselling to tolerate such; various influences have been trying to force the issue on us, making it seem that our stance is a wrong one. They should seek to give counselling to those who practise this behaviour which, I must add, is against our laws in particular.

    A campaign should be launched on how to sensitise these persons (especially those fighting for the ’cause’) on the ills on what they are doing in relation to the law, in an attempt to preserve the ideals in what we try to pass on to the next generation. How about fighting for that kind of tolerance where morals and the innocence of the minds of the next generation are maintained?

    Wake up, Jamaica! It is full time we stand up and promote what is right and just, and if needs be fight for it. The greatest battles are fought with the mind, while upholding and preserving our human rights, but we cannot allow these ‘rights groups’ to impose all of these wrongs on us. We have enough already, and by the way, has anyone ever thought that we could have a forum to fight for real rights? What about this for thought: a Jamaican forum for the perseverance of law and morality?

    I am, etc.,


  6. Empress Lioness


    Jamaica Reggae Music (JRM), Buju Banton (B/B) and the homosexual conspiracy? is an article that I have written, and it is proving rather difficult for journals to put that in print! The conclusion that I have arrived at for the vague responses, to the JRM, B/B and the homosexual conspiracy article, is because, people are either afraid of the homosexual lobby, or they just do not want to talk about the issue of sodomy and the Black community, and people of Afrikan heritage not wanting to support sodomites. That is 1 of the main reasons why I like B/B so much, even at any early age he rejected sodomy. The homosexual extremists, who refuse to allow us the right to say NO! to sodomites, are aggressive in their campaign to target anyone that does not agree with their sodomite life style, and do respect B/B as a RASTA MAN. RASTAFARI! cannot agree with homosexuality or promote sodomy! Anyway, stay strong Buju and remember to keep H.I.M and Empress Menen in your Spirit for they are your Strength and Courage at this time. Blessed Love. Empress Lioness. London, England. 23-2-2010

  7. I Love buju bonton i pray that in light of what the world in each of us will hear or see its not personal its only his belive of what he was tought to love and to be in the light of Jah rasta for I just like any one who is of a driffent race creed or color belive is free of expression is the way of life some my not agree to what buju bonton says but understand what is his is freedom of speech in the laws we preach let freedom ring for buju peace and teaching of the Jah rasta for I In his Life All over the World despite what happen he might have a price pay that remains to be seen but he is a man of his own a will stand up for his rights but i think he earned his keep in his music a hard worker!!! it not a easy road been blessed been touch i love Jah so much his gold was music and i think it still is grammy nomniee and he stands as a Star who light will shine again . like Bob Marley there is no hiding place from the father of creation one love1!!! Buju fan !!!! have Faith only felt not seen

  8. Hello I when of France, g deja put a comment on the blog but me sui not very good in English; thus I fai call(appeal) has the translation it is for his(her,its) who(which) risk of having errors;
    For a long time I am in the reggae and I n manage not to understand(include) this affair(business) he(it) really has many thing(matter) which(who) are not coerante I have the impression(printing) to relive the history(story) of jah cure.j’ have lubeaucoup of article, him(it) tell no fact similar. I to esper wholeheartedly whom he(it) is going to take(bring) out fast because he(it) has tellment of talents and thing(matter) has to learn us there will be a pionner of the reggae jamaicain it is on and when he(it) is going to take(bring) out attention because my opinion(notice) has these next sounds are very very going to hurt I vou assure(insure) I pens hardly has you buju keeps(guards) hope bless jah rastafary

  9. AllTruth1

    In reading the letter submitted to the The Recording Academy which awards the Grammy and seeing that GLAAD and all signatories lied about the number of songs with anti-gay content which Buju Banton wrote and performed, it was clear to me that the Gay Community used a mob of liars who used misinformation a.k.a. propaganda, in order to force others to support the Gay Community.

    “BATTY RIDER” IS NOT ABOUT ANYTHING DEALING WITH THE GAY COMMUNITY. The song Batty Rider is about the extremely short and skin-tight shorts that some women wear to the dancehall in Jamaica.

    So, when Buju Banton said in “Batty Rider” that [they must want the DJ to commit murder], it’s just a man saying that he was so sexually aroused by those sexy females wearing the batty rider that they must want him to murder himself because he was so aroused seeing them in their sexy shorts. His lyrical proclamation is equivalent to an American saying, “you’re killing me, baby with your sexy self.”

    Furthermore, to date, in 2010, Buju Banton has written only one song with anti-gay content and that’s “Boom Bye Bye” which he wrote at 15 years old as an emotional reaction to an adult man raping a boy in Jamaica.

    Finally, the actions of GLAAD and all signatories made it clear that America has been a society which has used mobs to harm others, as was done in America during the slavery period and Jim Crow laws period when mobs rallied to lynch blacks and now it was done when the Gay Community mob released its letter to The Recording Academy against Buju Banton.

    [SAME COMMENT posted by: AllTruth1, 02/18/2010 at 10:30 AM on]


  10. all i can do is hope and pray for the best for you my brother ,you are a positive influence to many:god always test his people and i honestly think thats what happening now…..this situation hurts it feels like family;love and support 4ever …JAH ONE….BLESSED!!!!

  11. cee jay

    Tell dutty babylon gwaan free the rastaman.the rastaman is ah righteous man. dem setup buju but mek dem know we nah go stop blaze de fyah pon dem.Buju jus gwaan hold the faith and chant Til Shiloh cause JAH iz the Driver of your Destiny.JAH guide and protect THE I.One Love.Selah

  12. LiveLife

    Free up the general! I think the Gargamel camp needs to start investigating a suit against some of these malicious people for defamation of character.

    There’s obviously someone feeding these mindless sheep misinformation simply to increase their endless obsession of creating a scapegoat for their cause.

    How far will they go and who will be next for them to attack? Let’s not wait to find out!

  13. MalcolmXtra

    Keep ya head up Buju. Since when is protesting against Sodomizing a sin. Only the laws of men can justify this. When a Preacher would say something like this, there would be no problem..

  14. all this talk about Buju being anti-gay or advocating violence against gay/lesbian people seems to only point to Boom Bye Bye as the supporting evidence… 1 song in a career that has spanned 20+ years?!? and as pointed out by many others already, that 1 song was written when Buju was 15 years old!
    come on people, engage your brains and don’t buy into propaganda. if you don’t listen to his music then don’t presume to know the man; and if you say he’s anti-gay then highlight all the evidence (in his music, speech etc) that shows that since Boom Bye Bye he has continued to advocate violence against gay/lesbian people.

  15. Empress Lioness

    RASTAFARI! A friend of mine who knows I am a Buju Banton Fan, kindly gave me this information, and I am so pleased, that I have nowobtained a good web site that can keep me informed of what is happening with Buju! I likewise shall continue to work for Buju Liberty. Stay strong Buju, and remember that H.I.M. and Empress Menen, are true and merciful. Blessed Love. Empress Lioness 5-2-2010.

  16. Michelle

    STAY STRONG BUJU, WE ARE PROUD TO BE JAMAICANS…….and you will overcome.

  17. Milan

    There is a saying, “nastiness will always flourish when good people stand by and do nothing”. If I am against something that is wrong, who are they to tell me otherwise. You have some people who want to push their ways down your throat, it never goes that way.
    Buju stand for what is right, you been incarcerated goes two (2) way, the Grammy which should have been yours, and the song that was sung years ago.
    Remember, God never sleep and after a setup there must be a funeral. They set you up today, their time coming. Continue to trust in God, He will see you through.

  18. Buju hold your head high and stay strong, I have been a fan since the early nineties and I will forever be one no matter what the outcome, the authorities looking for a scapegoat that’s all.

  19. Listen to his music then talk…..songs like “Inner Heights”, “Destiny” “African Pride” “Cry No More””Wanna Be Loved” “Untold Stories” “Hills and Valleys” ” Not an Easy Road” “Bedtime story” “Optimistic Soul” “Hush Baby Hush” “Make You Mine” “Till I’m Laid To Rest” “Murder” “Our Father In Zion” “Love sponge” “Small Axe” “Too Bad” “Better Day coming” even “Driver A” all AWESOME songs!!!
    Come one….doh bring down the man for one song he wrote in response to an event in his community….

  20. aj

    ,. i think you are taking this thing personal,when you said you jamaican, you are talking to the world,we jamaican are people who work hard to achive .what you have said in your coment,do you think you are saying anything better than what buju said in is song, there are some people who like to act as if they are without sin,but if night should turn to day, we would realise that this world is so perfect, but we are not. one thing, we jamaican will always be a proud nation,one love buju,and be strong, we are praying for you.

  21. Buju is the best thing right now, hoping that he will soon be a free man. The U.S. people are just trying to break him, but all this will do to the Gargamel is make him stronger than who he is. Guilty or not, he will continue to my artist, I am a crazy fan of his and will remain that way, do or die. The almighty will is there for you Buju so look to him, he is your higher heights.

  22. P. Levy

    as a matter of fact thanks for doing this great favor, indirectly. i will be making a considerable monthly contribution to GLAAD, and any other organization intent of ridding this earth of hateful peole like this BUJU person. what a sad lot people who blindly support him must be !

    • R.B.

      P. Levy, just to remind you, hate goes both ways. It seems as if you are commenting blindly instead of evaluating the content of the article. Buju’s musical content has grown leaps and bounds since ‘boom bye bye’. Your comments are ten fold worse than that song since it seems you consider yourself to be ‘educated’. If you and others had listened to his latest grammy nominated album without knowledge of him as the artiste you would have had a different impression.

    • arawak

      Listen up dude. I personally have nothing against homosexuals or lesbians. As a matter of fact, I like lesbians.

      But here is what I dislike more than anything else. RACIST PEOPLE.

      Why are you all after Buju and ignoring Enimen and other artist who express similar anti gay sentiments?

      Why are the gays not criticizing Texas where they nailed a guy guy to a fence and murdered him?

      Is this a gay thing or a black and white thing?

      Buju – stay strong. The silent majority is with you. Bet that!

      • Celia

        I agree with you arawak. Eminem has been bashing gays for the longest while and nobody seems to be coming down on him. Buju is a great artist. I love him back then and I love him now. Who are we to judge? Everybody is entitled to their opinion, if that’s how he feels about gays so be it.
        Stay strong. I know your fans still supports you.. Use this time to meditate and come with some more good lyrics as always..

  23. P. Levy

    and why not blast Buju to smithereens indeed ! why should the rest of sane society celebrate his wickedness? he lacks decency and any sort of humanity because he is not quite human is he ? as far as I’m concerned he needs a rebirth to be a better person to himself first let alone asking for funds to defend is wickedness? Isn’t it about time you Jamaicans stand for something rather than be about utter garbage and rubbish !

    • natural moral and sane

      what has buju done wrong since boom bye bye,… why crucify buju bucause he stands for righthousness and what is the logical choice for a man, in your eyes P. Levy(that should have been p. levy …. you dont even deserve it) anyone who stands and defend what is right is wrong, buju preaches love, get over boom bye bye, obviosly buju stepped on your toes…. if these are actually your views, you should be more intelligent than this… you are blinded by hate compounded with the fact that you are ignorant……. when you make your comment, make sure you bring along some intelligence along with your education…. we jamaicans will not bow, if we should not stand for righteousness what should we stand for……… nastiness perhaps?

    • AllTruth1

      You had the nerve to come onto this Web site set up for fans of Buju spewing your bile.

      Wow, you are so luck that I RESPECT this brother because if I didn’t then what I would say to you no water would be able to wash you.

      Go away Sodomite!

  24. P.Delisser

    ..and wheres the link to donate funds to help Bujus case? Id like to send one Jamaican $….

  25. P.Delisser

    Oh all this rubbish. Buju is where he is, cuz of his own actions; What goes around, usually comes around. Maybe while incarcerated he will use the time to improve his limited education & social awareness. Instead of using his creativity to elevate mankind, he seems to be solely obsessed with his inner fear, his own homophobia. Its 2010, hate & prejudice will not be condoned or tolerated. Preach love instead BUJU, and youll start to see life from a different angle!

    • natural moral and sane

      listen to the album, “ignorance begets ignorance”… go to the source…. there are many a “deceivers”… intelligence is way better than education…… education is simply the training of the mind…… your education “might” send you straigt to hell?

      • JUDAH


    • Doug

      Its quite obvious they know nothing about this man, apart from what they were told about that one song. Listen to this link and tell me if this is someone uneducated.

    • HIM

      We preach our love for Buju because he is a righteous man who preaches love for his people. You can say what you want but we will never stop defending this man.

  26. keep up the good work buju and free him this man wrote the song when he was 15 what were they doing when they were 15 im sure some wrong anyway if we look at what buju has put out since then tell me this man dont deserve more than a grammy if this was frank sinartra or one of them next artist would have just passed long time leave our reggae artist alone buju 2 da worlddddddddddddddd

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