DJ Khaled Supports Buju Banton

In a recent interview with the newly relaunched, Miami-based  DJ Khaled voices his support for longtime friend and collaborator, Buju Banton: “He’s a friend of mine and I know him for being a great person, great family man and being a great artist and a real dude,” says Khaled, who is preparing the release of his fourth album, Victory. “Buju Banton, I salute, that’s my brother right there and his music is amazing. Free Buju Banton!”


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5 responses to “DJ Khaled Supports Buju Banton

  1. Empress Lioness


    Greeting Buju, please keep yourself strong, despite the rough jail circumstances.

    The talent that you are blessed to have was given to you for a purpose, and that means you are still an inspiration to so many people even though you are in jail.

    There are weak men in life, you are not a weak Man, and the test of strength is happening now.


    Empress Lioness. London, England.

  2. selectorenuff

    buju till forever, no matter how they frame him with all their tricks…..freedom is a must n we gonna make it a holiday

  3. Freda

    Can’t wait til you are free! Bless!!

  4. sheldan

    keep youre head gargamel,u know they keep fightin rasta from day one .but we put out trust in most high to guide us through,rasta got soul and they don;t…freedom is a must

  5. Shana Genetic

    Buju is a great man, great artiste and has done great work.
    I’m praying for you while you pray for yourself.

    Freedom is a must!!!!!!!!

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