Hail Up The General!

pinellasIt’s been nearly three weeks since Buju Banton was transferred to Pinellas County Jail in Tampa Bay. We are happy to report that the General is doing well, despite the horrific circumstances, wisely spending his time meditating, exercising, reading, writing and corresponding with his legal team, led by esteemed criminal defense attorney, David Oscar Markus. Family and friends continue to make sure Buju’s commissary is regularly topped up so he can buy the necessary provisions to maintain and keep up a healthful diet.

As widely reported, in the days following the earthquake in Haiti, Buju swiftly organized the donation of $1,000 and some of his gently used clothing. He sends his love to the entire Haitian massive, especially longtime comrade, friend and collaborator Wyclef Jean, a leader in the local relief efforts, who is also featured on the stirring track “Bedtime Story” from Banton’s Grammy-nominated album Rasta Got Soul (Gargamel Music).

Industry leaders, friends and fans alike have begun pledging monetary support for Buju Banton’s Defense. Banton’s lawyer, Mr. Markus  has now set up a separate fund to accommodate donations from the public:

Bank Name: CitiBank, NA – Branch 43

Bank Address: 1600 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33145

Account Name: David Oscar Markus, PLLC (Defense Fund For Buju Banton)

Account Number: 9117138666

Routing Number: 266086554

Swift Code: CITIUS33


Fans can write letters of support to the General at Pinellas County Jail:

Mark Anthony Myrie – Docket # 1387202


Pinellas County Jail

14400 49th Street North

Clearwater, Florida 33762-2877

Buju and the Gargamel family would like to send a special shout out to all of the artists who have shown their support through music: Anthony B – “Free Up The General” (Truck Back Records), Coco Tea – “Buju” (Roaring Lion), Sizzla – “Free Buju” (Exclusive)… Extra special thanks to all the club and radio DJs around the world who continue to make sure the Voice of Jamaica is heard.



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11 responses to “Hail Up The General!

  1. Travis Dominguez

    I am going to write to buju and give him an uplifting letter. Evrything that is bad turns out to be good TELL HIM TO REMEMBER THAT OKAY! EVYTHING BAD IS ACTUALLY GOOD THEIR IS A REASON WHY THIS HAPPEN TELL HIM TO LOOK INTO HIMSELF AND FIND OUT. In his song he says “i want to rule my destiny” well he needs to rule his destiny cause he will only live on earth once that’s it only once this is real life you only get to live once so you need to control your destiny control what happens to you and where you will be. No one else, i know u probably already know this but it helps when someone tells you and reminds you. We are all human we all need each other. I am meditating that he is protected and freed from the tenacious grasp of WICKED BABYLON!!!

  2. Paddy-5

    Buju dem caan hold yu fi eva, The Almighty soon set yu free.

  3. Claudette P

    I anxiously waiting to hear what went down today.

    nuff lov from everyone of your fans from Ja.




  4. Kaye-Ann

    Just sending you nuff luv….”All will be fine”…”One day things must get better, don’t look down, keep your head above the water”…

    We all are with you…through thick and thin, you are our number artiste, nuh worry yuhself your fans are all with you.

    Have faith my brother…you will be ok soon.

    Irie…luv ya

  5. Ylanna R

    Greetings In The Name Of Kadamawi Haile Selassie I The First and Empress Menen I, Gargamel Hold Strong My Brother, the I is in my Prayers, Hold strong, Don’t think Just Know…..Jah will set the I FREE, Just Keep Holding the FAITH, Rastafari!!!!!!!!!,Blessed Love. Empress Ylanna.

  6. Claudette Peart

    Buju we all in Ja praying for you, I know the Lord i s going to set you free.

    Have faith and be strong.

    We love you

    God bless


  7. antoinette

    Hail the king my brother !!!!!!!!!!!! just hang in there and be strong !!!!!!!!!! im praying for the i !!!!! bless up urself ………..

  8. Claudette P

    Buju just keep the faith the Lord is on your side I pray for you daily, Hoping tomorrow will shed a bright light for you.

    Cheer up my brother.

    God bless


  9. Sunshine

    Buju we a cry fi yuh ……. We know you will be exonerated.

  10. All the staff including myself support Buju in this time.

  11. Pacifier

    Just hold the faith, god willing…

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