Buju Banton Retains Super Lawyer

This morning, Gargamel Music, Inc. released an official statement announcing that top federal criminal defense attorney, David Oscar Markus, has been retained to defend four-time-Grammy-nominated Reggae star, Buju Banton, against the trumped up drug charges being levied against him by the US government. A highly decorated Magna Cum Laude Harvard Law graduate, Markus “really means business when fighting for his clients,” according to Chambers & Partners. He boldly tells the Jamaica Gleaner and Tampa Bay Online: “The government’s case has got no soul.”



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4 responses to “Buju Banton Retains Super Lawyer

  1. pablo kalonji

    jah guide is with you all the way gargamel keep strong as you always been me and all my family are praying for you as you said dont go down keep your head above the water bad tings come and go this mess will end in the right way bredda coz I trust believe in jah” who jah bless no man curse” from pablo yo zimbabwean breden living in huddersfield westyorkshire u.k

  2. melo

    Babylon free up gargamel. Let him do his music, buju 4 life

  3. Vivienne

    Buju you are the greatest, for you music, heard work and for making it to the top, remember it not an easy road but i know you will over come, after all its the black mans story. keep strong all of your people are praying for you. be strong.

    • caudette

      i am praying for you and hope the true will be revealed i was so shock when i heard of your arrest and i am still in shock you are one of the greatest singers. keep praying my brother and god will deliver you.

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