This Is Buju Banton: Official Blog Launch

Greetings in the name of the most high… The Gargamel Music family welcomes all friends, fans and supporters worldwide to This Is Buju Banton ( — the official insider blog for all things related to Reggae icon, Buju Banton.

Check here for regular news on the impending trumped up drug case against the four-time-grammy-nominated artist, official “Free Buju” T-Shirts, exclusive music and unreleased videos, the Gargamel Soldiers Street Team, collective prayer groups, media watch updates, letter writing campaigns,  fan actions and activities,  plus, personal messages from the Gargamel himself.

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29 responses to “This Is Buju Banton: Official Blog Launch

  1. AllTruth1

    From the first day I heard about your case, I felt that you had been entrapped so, it came as no surprise when your attorney held the same view.

    Buju, my brethren, because of your case, I started using social media such as, Youtube. Each day, I log onto the video sites with your music and I defend you, as if you were a member of my own family, as if you were my brother. I truly wish that The Most High would place me in the position to do more to show my support for you but our wishes are not always our reality. So, I will keep praying and I encourage you to do the same!

    Now, brethren, regardless of your imperfections as a human being, I’m giving you my unconditional support. When I think of you, I remember one of the most endearing people of The Bible, David who was also imperfect but was the apple of The Most High’s eyes. And, if The Most High is for you, Buju, I will never be against you.

    Brethren, pray without ceasing, be still, and let The Most High win the battle for you. Finally, the victory will be yours because The Most High would not forsake His child for the children of the devil.

  2. Gem

    just praying for your strength through this trying time and prayers that this comes to an end quickly. Myself and my family are big fans of your music and will always will be.

    Blessings from Canada

  3. i am am die hard buju fans for years we took pictures together when he visite summerjam in germany in 2002 or 2003,i dont belive he commite the crime i will send some cash to support him they cannot silence the general free buju

  4. tmckoy

    rasta must stay strong and true.

  5. yow gargamel doh worry, jamaican people a support you big time

  6. Paddy-5

    BUJU, life is not an easy road, Once you start on that road you are going to see signs on both sides & you have to make up your mind to face reality & fight for what you know is right, then by the help of the Almighty you will achieve your great reward when you reach the end, We Jamaicans naw bow to nastiness.

  7. TIA

    Greetings and blessed love! I know your going through alot but keep the faith cause Jah will never let injustice consume you…I know you will be free soon, please dont let this stop you from being you and doing the work that Jah has put you here to do. Its so funny that I found this site because yesterday at work I was going through drama and I sat at my desk and I said Jah only you knows my heart and I have faith that this to shall pass and right after I said that I started to hear you singing! You and Gramps was singing psalms 23 and I shed a tear because I know how you feel right now. I might not be behind bars but I work all white folks who dont like me because im black and im rasta 1000%. I taught about you and how you must feel, you had a year of trails in 2009 but it a new decade and Jah have something big in store for you. I cant wait for all of this to be behind you. Your in my taughts and prayers. The last time I saw you was in charlotte ,nc sept. 09! When you was leaving the venue I was standing there with my family and our eyes crossed, I bow to you giving you praises for a job well done that night. Im looking forward to seeing you again I and know theses trails and tribulations will manifest into beautiful songs. Stay strong and remember Jah never gives us more than we can handle.. One love, Blessed Love, Rasta love.

  8. Grace Hudson

    Buju, believe that there is a higher power. After the trials there will be triumphs. There is always a path over the mountain but you may not see it from the valley. Hold strong my brother. Time is the master and you are the master of your faith.

  9. jah know star buju mi hope ie likkle vibe ez off soon zeen jah guide .

  10. fabjani

    Greetings Gargamel, you of all person must know that rasta has been going thru struggles like these for a long while but just hold strain because you soon will be vindicated.Only just a short stop on ur journey. Keep safe and god bless.

  11. RASTA!


    • Anju

      Buju, greetings in the name of the most high. I’ve sat and pondered the events of your incarceration and I just want you to know that my heart goes out to you. And I will always be in your corner to the very end, no doubt! Nevertheless I have to admonish you for allowing yourself to be entrapped in these things. Although I believe you are innocent I feel like taking you behind the old wood shed with a whip and letting you have it. Rasta, how could you let them folks get near you? Why couldn’t you have rebuked the devil one more time? I swear if I could’ve gotten through to you before I could’ve warned you to watch your back. I felt this in my spirit and through a vision from earlier when they were boycotting your performance in South Florida. I even told my Empress that they would get you soon (based on the vision), one way or another (tears in my heart).

      Anyhow my brother, I will continue to pray for you so that the father will give you strength. Keep in mind that in order to make iron the whole process has to go through intensive heat. Also in the bible all profits had to go in the desert (hot), including Jesus to be tempted. I know at the end of this you will be stronger for the better. Right now I feel you are writing some good music, inspired through your incarceration. There will not be an arena big enough to hold the audience at your next concert. I will be the first fan through the gates. All of this was part of the same vision. So you will be free indeed!! One love.

  12. Ricky

    Mark Myrie also popularly known as Buju Banton sings songs about the corrupted system and has gotten caught up by the same systems he has preached and warned us about. Buju, you have to just pray that you are comprehensively exonerated and you musical career will embark on the right trajectory after this scandal and tragedy. Buju Banton you are my Jamaican hero you came into reggae music and you revolutionized the music. When other Jamaican artists were utilizing generic English vocabulary, you came and taught us that ghetto people can use other words to express themselves. I hope you come out of this successful and I am talking with tears in my eyes. Be strong my brother. “Rasta Got Soul”


    gargamel aka MARK .M well i just want to say this your a brilliant, and extraordinary artis and your passion for music is way beyound belive i know you;ve inspired alot of people alone the way with your music. even though babylon cantinue fighting di i dont give up mi brother stay STRONG yes its struggle.; but we are going to over-come one day. JAH BLESS,quot. from MARCUS GAVEY if you have no confidence in yourself you;re twice defeated in the race of life.with confidence you won even before you have started .RESPECT FROM petercrab. jah bless;

  14. dean

    be strong rasta … the most high …bless

  15. QUE

    buju i know the road my brother and its not a easy road.jus keep the faith am positive that you soon be back on the road giving words of wisdom.hail rasta.

  16. Rosemarie

    Jeremaiah 29:11

    For I know that plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope a future

    For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final out come.

    For I know that thoughts that I think toward you saith the lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

    I know you will overcome and I am praying that the truth will be known. Trust God always and never loose your faith in him. I have every faith that my God will see you through this. Remember you come from a praying nation and we are praying for you.

  17. Leanie Outa DC

    Buju… blessings !! Let Jah be your guide.. Trust and Believe..

  18. trace junior

    Buju has been my icon ever since i was a child his music has help through some tough times something most people wouldn’t understand , at one point I could sing his whole destiny album, every time i think about him in jail its like its unreal but then its almost deja vu with people like Bob Marley , Marcus Garvey , and many more great men of god but no matter what they do all will be reviled in the end, Buju hold your head up my mentor, (they think there in heaven but there living in hell).

  19. Woril Hall

    I find it quite interesting the entrapment of Buju Banton. This is a man who is known as an entertainer, not as a drug dealer. So for an agent of the state to set out to offer to sell cocaine to a man who has no history of drug dealing before, seems like a personal vendetta to me. That agent should be the one behind bars right now if you ask me. One does not have to be a rocket scientist to see that there is something very sinister about this case.

  20. Karita

    Buju I know you are God will prevail in your case so keep the faith. “Love Alway”

  21. Mark

    Hail up Buju, just tell you to hold strong and rasta will get over. You have taught us many messages in your songs. I am here in the UK studying and your music keep me focus at all times. You a di boss, UK/Jamaica support you a million times. Bless up and hold a firm medi.

  22. Freda

    Buju, you will prevail, this “test” will give you a greater testimony to share with the world when you are cleared of all charges. I say thank God in advance for delivering you from the “lions den”. I pray for your health and strength. All will be well.


    visit Buju Banton on Facebook there r more comments there.


    Well I tried some Buju Banton music on you tube last night and I was made aware that I need to upgrade my system,to play the music;however, later I was able to play Bob Marley’s “One Love”.Earlier this week ,Pandora Internet radio told me the music was not available.What’s that about.
    I am requesting that everyone that is able,nightly at exactly 12 midnight ,that we all at the same time lift the name of Buju Banton up in prayer.Let’s all pray at the same time for his liberation.”Free Buju Banton from Captivity “all at once.Let this be our chant.We must all believe it and it will surely happen.The enemies have descended upon him and he must be free.Right now.Keep this blog active.Write some thing everyday.Play Buju’s .Our Father Who Art in Zion,Psa 23,Untold Stories,Destiny,Til Shiloh and your favorites.Read Psalm 37 for Buju. DJ

  25. fiona carter

    i support buju banton .my prayers are with him.

    • Maria

      This is fantastic! Can someone please inform us when Buju is due before the court again? I thought it was today…or tomorrow? Is there any “new” news?

      Thanks and respect to all

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